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Hello & welcome


Hello and welcome to my site - I’m Valentina! 


A visual storyteller, I like to combine my love of photography with my passion for food and design. I am deeply inspired by the Renaissance lighting technique Chiaroscuro and my photos are nostalgia-filled, hunger-inducing moments captured with a lense that, like a good meal, leave you wanting more.


Born in Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegowina and raised in Croatia, I lived in Germany for many years before falling in love with Italy (and an Italian) and moving to south Italy, Naples, in Pozzuoli to raise my small family and pursue my career in one of the world’s most photogenic locations. 


When you’re in Italy, you’re never short of things to photograph but for me, food won. It was easy to fall in love with Italian cuisine, fresh ingredients coupled with a long cooking tradition means there is always something ‘new’ to discover and take a photo of. 


This combined with my personal desire to learn as much as I can about the diverse cultures around me has made living in Italy a period of growth for me, both personally and professionally. 


I adore the myths and legends behind the food and it’s my hope that the photos I take will encourage you to connect with food traditions from around the world - and may even conjure up memories of your own food experiences or inspire you to re-connect with a dish that has meaning to you and your family. 


In my time here, I have completed various photography courses and online studies at Style Design College in Milan. I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of local businesses, sharing my love of photography, with ever-growing audiences. I usually work throughout Italy but I'm available for shootings across Europe.


I hope you enjoy time on my site and it releases the same feel-good hormones that come with a delicious meal among good friends,


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